Strategic Advisory

The Food Partners’ (TFP) clients are frequently facing competing pressures to generate growth capital while simultaneously needing to reinvest in their businesses and to provide liquidity to shareholders. TFP provides factual information and insight to help its clients evaluate the potential risks, returns and timing of various strategic options. TFPs’ understanding of its clients’ markets combined with its knowledge about the capital markets and strategic investing enables TFP to help clients evaluate various options not in isolation but rather in concert with one another.

At TFP, the Strategic Review process integrates our clients’ strategic planning process with analysis of various growth opportunities and their impact on capitalization and liquidity issues at both the unit/division and consolidated level. TFP develops effective analytical models based on our expertise and knowledge, which management and owners utilize to evaluate, manage and grow their business. These models and valuation tools help clients evaluate multiple strategic opportunities within the context of the business’ long-term goals and objectives. Once completed, TFP provides and trains clients on the analytical models, which typically become integrated into a more formal semi-annual or annual strategic and financial planning process. In addition, TFP’s Strategic Review process enables clients to develop a long-term relationship that includes access to the knowledge and objectivity of an investment bank that is an expert in their industry, while maximizing managements’ focus and time spent on running their business.