Roundy’s, Inc. Company Snapshot

Company overview and history

Roundy’s is a 157-store conventional supermarket operator owned by Willis Stein & Partners. It operates stores in 3 Midwestern states (IL, MN, WI) under the banners Pick ‘n Save, Rainbow, Copps, Metro Market and Mariano’s Fresh Market. The company self-distributes to its stores through 3 distribution centers and a food processing and preparation commissary. It leases all but two of its stores and one distribution center from independent third-parties. Nearly half the company’s employees are unionized.

  • 2002 – Willis Stein acquired the company, a wholesaler and operator of 61 corporately-owned stores for $750 million
  • 2003 – Acquired 14 Pick ‘n Save stores in 3 transactions, 13 Kohl’s stores from A&P in 2 transactions and the 31 store Rainbow Foods division from Fleming
  • 2004 – Built new 1 million square foot distribution center in Oconomowoc, WI
  • 2004 – Acquired 7 Pick ‘n Save stores
  • 2005 – Sold 2 OH distribution centers and customer accounts to Nash Finch, transferred remaining 3rd party distribution customers to Supervalu and acquired 7 Pick ‘n Save stores
  • 2005 – Credit rating downgraded due to over leverage, cut its
  • announced dividend and stopped filing financial statements
  • 2006 – Acquired 5 Pick ‘n Save stores
  • 2007 – Acquired 5 Jewel-Osco stores and sold 2 closed warehouse properties
  • 2010 – Borrowed $150 million for dividend to Willis Stein and opened first Chicagoland store
  • 2011 – Announced intent to file an IPO in December
  • 2012 – Stock began trading in February

Financial details and other information in the PDF file.

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